What is Flowchart?

• Flow chart is a step by step procedure which is used to solve complex program. • It is a pictorial representation. It is same as algorithm. • It is represented in symbols. • It can be read from top to bottom and left to right. • Symbols are simple and easy to learn. These are very important planning and working tools in programming. • After the programming is completed, the flowchart is very important tool for the programmers for tracing the flow of information and logical sequence in a program. • This helps a new programmer to understand the logic that is used by some other programmer to solve a problem. 2. Advantages of Flowchart. Ans. The following are the advantages of the flow chart: - • Provide better communication. It provides better communication. The teachers, students, programmer, computer operators and users can get ideas and description of algorithms very quickly and easily. • Help in algorithm design. A flowchart can be easily drawn in comparison to writing a program and testing it. The program flow can be easily shown with the help of flowchart. Different algorithm can be easily experimented with flowchart. • Check program logic. With the help of flowchart we can see the portion of the program. So accuracy in logic flow is maintained. • Modification becomes easy. If u want to some modification in your existing program then it is possible with the help of flowchart. You can modify your program without disturbing the program flow.


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