Assignment | Database Security | database management system - II

M.C.A. Semester - II
620006 – Databse Management System - II
Assignment – 4 (Database Security)
 Q-1. Explain the Following Questions in detail.

1).What is Security? Explain the importance.
2).What is database security? Explain the purpose and scope of database security.
3).Explain the different threats of database security.
4).List the types of database security issues.
5).What is Access control? Define the types of access control.
6).Explain Discretionary Access Control.
7).Describe the Granting privileges using SQL with syntax and example.
8).Describe the Revoking privileges using SQL with syntax and example.
9).Explain the concept of Audit Trail?
10).Explain the Mandatory Access Control.
11).What is statistics database security?
12).What do you mean by firewall? What are firewall techniques that are used in database Security?
13).Explain data Encryption with different schemes.
14).What is meant by privileges? Discuss the types of privileges at account or system level and Table or relational level?
15).Using Polyalphabetic substitution method and encryption key, “SECURITY”, encrypt the plaintext message “SELL ALL STOCKS”
Q-2. Differentiate the following :

1).Security Vs integrity
2).Discretionary Access Control Vs Mandatory Access Control
3).Authorization Vs Authentication.
4).Simple Property Vs Star Property
5).Audit Trail Vs Transaction Log
6).Simple Substitution Method Vs Polyalphabetic Substitution Method


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